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21 Things That Prove Lazy People Are Smarter


21 Things That Prove Lazy People Are Smarter

Twenty-one images below to show that being lazy can actually make a person look like a genius

1. This stroke of genius:

2. This perfect use of a webcam:

3. This college truth:

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4. This list of talents:

Twitter: @dory / Via @Dory

5. This apple:

6. This feeling of dread:

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7. This creative slacker:

8. This dream:

9. This euphoric moment:

10. This honest question:

Twitter: @rohmontgomery / Via @rohmontgomery

11. This anxiety:

Twitter: @chanelpuke / Via @chanelpuke

12. This reality:

Twitter: @yahomieesther / Via @yahomieesther

13. This efficiency:

14. This level of creativity:

15. This feat of engineering:

16. This list of aspirations:

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17. This frequent lie:

Twitter: @_skull_queen_ / Via @_skull_queen_

18. This expert use of a box:

19. These hobbies:

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20. This level of effort:

21. This thought process:

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Source: BuzzFeed