20 Snapchats That Set The World On Fire


Here are twenty funny Snapchats that changed the world for the better

1.)  Like this from the guy who’s destined for a life of misery.

Cat and wife caught in mid argument ~ funny snapchat humor


2.)  And this Snapchat of the guy who knows the waiting is the hardest part.

McDonald's McFlurry from 1786 ~ funny snapchat humor


3.)  Yep, every family has one… the one that just has to find a way to get into every picture.

dog photobomb ~ funny snapchat humor


4.)  And this Snapchat from the girl whose life has suddenly been put on hold.

Stop Go Humor


5.)  Or this one of Harry who wishes he had chosen Penn State.

Harry Potter's Hogwarts education ~ funny snapchat humor


6.)  And this one from the guy whose kid has his own version of the “Cloak of Invisibility”.

Son playing Hide & Seek ! going pro ~ funny snapchat humor


7.)  And this bit of ironic irony.

Ironic: Ice cream cone ordering ice cream cone humor


8.)  Or this of Buddy doing his best impersonation of a shampoo bottle.

Dog Bath ~ funny snapchat humor


9.) And this one Dor His Eyes Only.

007 James Bond ~ funny snapchat humor


10.)  And this one from the woman who’s all dressed up with no place to go.

Art History sarcastic snapchat humor


11.)  Or this one from the guy who might want to hook up with the woman above.

Catching up with old friends ~ funny snapchat humor


12.)  And this from the dude who’s sorry he missed it.

Running into friends from pre-school at the bar ~ Barney ~ funny snapchat humor


13.)  And this Snapchat that captured a rogue gang of marauders in action.

Cats lapping up after milk truck crash ~ funny snapchat humor


14.)  And this of the company that has set the bar extremely low.
Company slogan ~ funny snapchat humor


15.)  And this one from the guy who’s eager to teach you the fine art of Italian cooking.

Funny food humor snapchats


16.)  Or this of the dog that religiously obeys the 11th Commandment… Thou shall not pee on the carpet.

God & Dogs ~ funny snapchat humor


17.)  And this totally unexplainable hotel room mystery.

Hair caught ~ funny snapchat humor


18.)  And this fine example oof making someone work for it.

Coworker Revenge: snapchat humor


19.)  And this hilarious Snap from a real boy scout.

Valentines Day humor lingerie


20.)  And this of the dog that will never look at his owner the same way again.

Dog's face after neutered ~ funny snapchats humor

Source: teamjimmyjoe

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