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Top 10 Stock Photos That Nobody Can Understand “Why”


Top 10 Stock Photos That Nobody Can Understand “Why”

These are ten ridiculous stock photos that no one can seem to get a grasp of

1. A nun discovering the joys of the ocean:

Dennis O’Clair / Getty Images

2. Two crash test dummies in a forbidden romance:

Caspar Benson / Getty Images

3. A woman haunted by the ghost of hamburgers past:


4. The Candy Man:


5. Fat Santa pinching his nipples:


6. A one-eyed accountant flashing “East Side” while listening to an abacus:


7. Trout hand:

8. A woman enjoying the healing benefits of Post-it Notes:

9. The murderer:

Rich Legg /istockphoto / Getty Images

10. Two old folks rekindling their love affair with some guns and a dead rabbit:

Source: Buzzfeed