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12 Kids Who Are Better at Life than You


12 Kids Who Are Better at Life than You

These kids are winning at life…

1. This kid who has the death stare down pat:

2. This kid who already knows how to play the game:

3. This little girl who knows just how to utilize her auntie:

4. This kid who knows he doesn’t have to pretend:

5. This kid who obviously knows how to get revenge:

6. This kid who knows how to properly handle his anger:

7. This kid who takes note of important similarities:

8. This kid who knows eating is always the best life choice:

9. This kid who is sharing straight-up facts:

10. And this kid named Dylan who also has no problem sharing facts:

11. This go-getter who already has a legit career:

12. This kid who discovered how to solve the problem of messy wings: